Silchester Virtual Office Solutions
A virtual helping hand for your business


Silchester Virtual Office Solutions was established by Lisa Mitchell to help the smallest of businesses obtain help and assistance to enable them to get on with the day to day requirements of running their offices smoothly.

Either there is not enough time in the day for business owners to get on running and growing their business, as well as the growing mountain of paperwork that some find has been spiralling out of control, or they simply are unable to afford to employ someone on a permanent or part-time basis.

Lisa has experience not only in running her own family business with her husband, but has also worked in many different business sectors such as financial and insurance, engineering, tourism and food production.


Virtual Assistants offer additional office support to individuals, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies to free up valuable time that could be spent developing and growing their business, or indeed to spend valuable time with their family, or doing those things they find they rarely have time to do.

There may not be room within the office to house another member of staff or the equipment, and there are additional costs involved when employing staff such as sick pay, maternity entitlements, paid holiday and the extra benefits most employed staff enjoy and expect.

There are no employer liabilities, tax or benefits issues when using a virtual assistant and you only pay for the actual hours worked or tasks completed.


Silchester Virtual Office Solutions strives to maintain high professional standards at all times and we guarantee the security of information exchanged or provided by the client remains confidential at all times.

A Confidentiality Agreement can be signed should the client require this. A copy of our Terms and Conditions can be provided on request.